The Breastfeeding library consists of 13 comprehensive courses providing the full spectrum of education in this key area of midwifery.

The library is perfect for organisations requiring BHFI accreditation as it can be taken in its full capacity by lactation consultants or trimmed down to only a few courses for other users.

Each of the 14 courses are entirely self contained in that they offer their own summative quiz and certificate.

Key Advantages

  • Courses can be selected on an individual basis to suit a range of users’ requirements
  • Standalone courses offering their own summative quizzes and certificates
  • The use of videos, photos and animations to teach key concepts

Breastfeeding Library


Baby Friendly Health Initiative (BFHI)
Why is Breast Best?
Anatomy of the Breast and Physiology of Lactation
Positioning and Attachment
Breastfeeding Challenges: Infant
Breastfeeding Challenges: Maternal
Supplementary and Complimentary Feeds in Special Circumstances
Infant Growth and Development
Long Term Planning
Cultural Considerations
Ethical Considerations
Communication, Documentation and the Law
Critiquing a Research Paper