Med+Safe for Training Organisations

Med+Safe can be incorporated in to any University, TAFE or RTO training curriculum

Training organisations include Universities, TAFE colleges and RTO’s. Licenses offer the following key benefits:

  • Provides all students with online access 24/7/365 from almost any device that can connect to the Internet
  • In line with the latest best practice guidelines and aligned to NSQHS Standard 4
  • Can be used in the classroom reducing educators’ preparation time and costs
  • Offers automatically generated and marked tutorials and assessments
  • Regularly updated constantly broadening the scope of medication safety content covered
  • A guaranteed return on investment

Trial Account

IntelliLearn welcomes you to contact us for an obligation free trial and discussion as to how the Med+Safe solution could be used in your training curriculum.

“The software was useful in the way it showed you the medication order on the med chart and the stock strength in the actual bottle or vial. I was able to visualise it much easier than what I could if I just had a question written on paper.”